The Problem

Welcome to Company Problems the first place to come to resolve your company’s financial problems. Company problems come in a variety of forms nearly all of which stem from or lead to financial problems.

A problem shared is a problem halved, or so we’ve heard. In reality the size of a business will often govern the level of internal assistance available to manage and resolve company problems.

A smaller company may only have a low number of Company Directors or a Sole Director so who then is going to half the problem.

There’s no doubt that some independent, expert advice will help to find a solution to company problems. Particularly when that help takes the form of a business that has been helping to solve company problems for over 30 years.

The Solution

At Company Problems we are able to offer a full range of company revival and refinancing options.

We can even go as far as a fully compliant business restart if the extent of the problem goes beyond resolution within the existing company shell.

So why not give us a call, we’ve helped thousands of businesses over the last 30 years, yours could be the next one!

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